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Our airport is easily accessible by car, taxi, shuttle, or public transportation. Please check our website for transportation options and directions.

Parking areas are normally a long walk at the larger airports. At Fujairah International Airport, we have an open parking area which is conveniently located next to the terminal entrance. With plenty of open parking, you never have to worry about space. 

Our airport follows strict security procedures to ensure the safety and security of all passengers and staff. This includes security screening of all passengers and their luggage, as well as monitoring of airport facilities and operations.

Our airport offers a variety of services and amenities for passengers, including restaurant, lounges, and Wi-Fi.

Our airport handles a wide range of cargo, including general cargo, perishables, live animals, dangerous goods, and oversized cargo. Please check with your airline or cargo agent for specific information on cargo types and restrictions. Fujairah International Airport is proud to have the ability to handle all types of special cargo. Our capability ranges from Dangerous Goods, livestock, to perishable goods.

We have livestock holding areas capable of handling up to 2,500 heads of livestock. We have water service available and can assist in getting their feed to them during the quarantine period. We can assist in connecting you with the Municipality Veterinarian and Custom Agents to expedite your paperwork and answer any questions that involve livestock clearances and deliveries.

We understand that it may be necessary to move dangerous goods through the region. With our expert staff that are trained and qualified in Dangerous Goods handling, we can assist in completing the required documentation to ensure a safe and smooth process. We are able to store your Dangerous Goods for a limited period of time until the documents are approved and cleared.

The scent of fresh flowers opening to a new customer market in the UAE, can be delivered through Fujairah International Airport. We currently have limited cold storage capacity that can handle specific shipments sizes. If you require more cold storage space, we have ample land areas that you can custom build on to meet your current and future requirements. We are capable of storing fresh meats, seafood and other perishable items that you may want to introduce into the UAE market. We can assist you in identifying ground transportation companies that can move your precious cargo to all points in the Middle East.

Fujairah International Airport has sufficient warehouse space to store your goods. With our expedited Custom clearance and security processes, your shipments are safe and secure until they are ready to move to their next destination. We offer ease of access through landside – airside controls to speed your cargo movement. Be it general cargo, special cargo including Dangerous Goods and live-stock, we have the right storage facility. We have sufficient land space available for you to design-build to your own preferred specifications.