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The scope of work includes new ATC tower and a second runway

Date: 22-Nov-2022

The scope of work includes new ATC tower and a second runway

Fujairah International Airport is undergoing a substantial development programme that includes a second runway, 900m extension to the existing runway, rehabilitation of the existing runway, a new iconic ATC Tower and a new Fire and Rescue Sub-station.

These works are expected to be complete by 2023 and will enhance the capability of the airport and provides the foundation for the commercial development of the south side of the airport in line with the master plan for Fujairah International Airport.

The runway extension at the east end of the runway will permit heavier commercial aircraft to be able to commence their take-off run towards the west earlier, enhancing their climb performance and payload capability.

The second parallel runway is being constructed to the south of the existing runway and upon completion will permit continued operations while the old runway is rehabilitated with renewed lighting and other enhancements. 

The new Air Traffic Control Tower will replace the existing control tower and will not only provide an outstanding view of the airport, runway and aprons as well Fujairah's local airspace, it will be an iconic building visible outside of the airport and resembles the shape of a perching falcon, bird of prey, with its folded wings. This 57m tall structure will begin to emerge during 2021 with the only evidence above ground currently being the tower crane marking its location within the airport territory.

Upon completion of the runway extension, the connecting taxiways, renewal of existing runway and taxiway lighting systems and signage as well as the new rescue and firefighting service sub-station will enhance the operational efficiency and safety of the airport runway system enabling runway access for aircraft without having to back track the runway by using the new parallel runway as a taxiway.

These substantial investments in the airport infrastructure signal to the international aviation community the commitment and support to the ongoing and continual development of aviation in the United Arab Emirates.

And all throughout all these important infrastructure development works, the runway and all the supporting services of the airport remain open and available for all private, business, training, cargo and passenger flights where a warm and friendly welcome is assured to all.